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02/N20 breathing systems for free-flow applications

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Designed specifically for use with the various brands of the analgesic gas of a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture administered via a variable flow meter. There are three ways that this gas can be administered:

• free flow via a variable flow meter
• remote cylinder or wall mounted demand valve
• hand-held demand valve

Intersurgical has a breathing system solution for all three. This gas mixture has many brand names, and is a fundamental link in the daily fight against pre-hospital or intra-hospital pain. The need to manage pain has led medical gas manufacturers to market their equivalent of this analgesic gas in many countries. Due to the solubility of nitrous oxide, it is generally recognised that this gas mixture reduces the sensation of pain and anxiety almost instantly. In the UK it has been used extensively in the emergency arena, and to help alleviate the pain associated with childbirth, since the early 1960’s. There are many therapeutic indications for this gas, such as: emergency care, trauma, burns, reduction of simple fractures, delivery rooms, dental, endoscopy and transport.


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O2/N2O analgesic gas mixture breathing systems