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Boot Stirrup Pad, Standard

  • Designed to protect patient’s foot & ankle area
  • Artificial cushioning device with curvature to fit universally in multiple stirrups
  • Pads are used in lithotomy position for gynaecological& urological procedures; colon/rectal cases.
  • Dimensions of this standard device are 600 X 150 X 10 mm (L X W X H)
  • Available as one pair per pack
  • Features of Medigel- Mac Operation Theatre Positioning Devices
    • Material is silicone free artificial cushioning gel
    • Translucent in terms of X-ray observations
    • Does not leak while pricking
    • Non-film based technology thus complete pressure re-distribution
    • It has a stick on surface (without any chemical adhesive) at the bottom of the positioning device able to stick on the positioning belts
    • It holds a minimum weight of 200 Kg at vertical angle of placement
    • Organic, inert, reusable and does not bottom out with repeated usage
    • Maximum rebounding capacity on withdrawal of pressure, it regain it’s shape preferably in less than fraction of second
    • Universal testing kit is provided for testing the quality of material by applying Acceptance Test Procedures
    • Complies with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) laid by Association of Surgical Technologists (ASTs) for Operation Theatre Positioning Devices
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