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This group of breathing systems have been designed to fit the GE Healthcare® (Datex-Ohmeda®) range of anaesthesia machines.

For the ADU Carestation, there are five breathing systems. The bagging limb is fitted with a special straight connector at one end which locates into the metal ring ‘quick connect’ fitting on the underside of the ventilator bellows unit.

Silver Knight is an anti-microbial additive that uses silver ions to disrupt the normal enzymatic activities of bacteria. It functions as a safe, quick and effective catalyst to deactivate pathogenic bacteria and prevent their proliferation. This technology allows the ions to be released in small quantities over time to reduce microbial growth within, and on, the surface of the breathing systems.

Carestation is a registered trademark of Datex-Ohmeda, Inc. Datex-Ohmeda, Inc., is a General Electric company. GE Healthcare is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.


Anaesthesia Breathing Systems For GE Healthcare® Carestations® Information Sheet (Issue 5)


Silver Knight™ breathing system Vs traditional breathing systems

Silver Knight Flextube™ VS Standard tube