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A comprehensive range of breathing systems suitable for use with the Acutronic fabian™ High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) and the fabian evolution ventilators, offering conventional and high frequency ventilation choices. Using both Smoothbore and Flextube™ tubing, the range features dual and single heated wire systems, infant nasal CPAP system as well as a transport option.

We have included an nFlow™ heated wire breathing system and an nFlow™ adaptor kit to convert any of our featured breathing systems to fit the fabian™ HFO and fabian evolution ventilators. With a new detachable monitoring line allowing for out of incubator care we now offer a complete care solution for infant nasal CPAP.


Fabian HFO and fabian evolution neonatal ventilator range information sheet (Issue 2)


Swivel y-piece for Intersurgical’s neonatal breathing systems