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Clear-Therm™ range – medium efficiency

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Designed with a rounded ergonomic polypropylene housing, Clear-Therm 3 represents our most cost-effective HMEF product.

Clear-Therm Plus: HMEF for use in anaesthesia and intensive care with HME on the patient side.

Clear-Therm Midi: a low volume option for minimising dead space in anaesthesia.

Clear-Therm Angled: offers an easy to use option with an integral 90° elbow, reducing the need for an additional catheter mount or separate patient elbow.

Clear-Therm Mini: for paediatrics and neonates.

Clear-Therm Micro: HMEF for neonates.

The Intersurgical breathing filters provide an effective barrier against the passage of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona viruses (MERS CoV) in respiratory breathing systems.


The route to humidification information sheet (Issue 1)