The Intersurgical Twin-port CPAP mask offers a comfortable interface to the patient and is available in two sizes small and medium/large adult. The soft anatomically shaped cushion will comfortably fit a wide range of patient faces. A number of other key benefits are highlighted below:

– Monitoring port for supplemental oxygen or monitoring
– Clear, strong mask for easy patient assessment
– Safety flutter valves
– Six harness fixing points
– Soft anatomical cushion with adjustable cushion valve for extra comfort

What is CPAP?
Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is used to administer fresh gas to the patient through the entire respiratory cycle and can be given to a spontaneously breathing patient using a face mask, or an endotracheal tube.

The purpose of CPAP is to increase Functional Residual Capacity (FRC), increase blood oxygenation and reduce
patient ‘Work of Breathing’ (WOB). CPAP is generally used:
– when oxygen alone will not allow the patient to maintain an adequate PaO2 level
– to mobilise secretions that have built up
– to treat atalectasis.

It is also used as a treatment in spontaneously breathing patients or as an option when weaning a patient from the


Twin-port CPAP Mask And Harness For Use In Constant Positive Airway Pressure Information Sheet (Issue 3)