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A uniquely designed medical grade CO2 absorbent that contains no Alkali Hydroxide.

LoFloSorb eliminates the risk associated with reactions with volatile anaesthetics.

Features and Benefits
LoFloSorb contains no Potassium Hydroxide and no Sodium Hydroxide.
LoFloSorb is made of 3-4mm spheres processed to minimise potential dusting.
LoFloSorb offers a very stable green to violet colour change.

LoFloSorb’s chemical formulation has been developed to provide CO2 absorption without the need for any alkali hydroxide. It provides complete protection against the potential problems of use within the medical environment. LoFloSorb offers excellent CO2 absorption, however, its duration of use will be less than Spherasorb or Intersorb Plus.

LoFloSorb has a long history of use within anaesthesia and meets all the requirements of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias.


Carbon Dioxide Absorbents Product Catalogue – The Complete Choice (Issue 5)

Material Safety Data Sheet LoFloSorb (green to violet) product codes 2178000

Material Safety Data Sheet IS Pac LoFloSorb product codes 2183005

Material Safety Data Sheet Drum LoFloSorb product code 2188000

Material safety data sheet IS Can LoFloSorb 2198000

Material Safety Data Sheet Pyramid LoFloSorb product codes 2193001


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