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Home Anaesthesia CO2 Absorbents The Pyramid™ – 1kg pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorber


The Pyramid is an easy to use disposable absorber specifically developed for clinical use during anaesthesia to absorb carbon dioxide within an anaesthetic breathing system. The Pyramid is compatible with the following Dräger® anaesthetic workstations providing it is used in conjunction with the CLIC® adaptor:


The Pyramid is provided with a choice of, Spherasorb™ medical grade soda lime, or LoFloSorb™, medical grade alkali-hydroxide-free absorbent. This provides the user with a choice of absorbent according to their requirements and preference.

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Carbon Dioxide Absorbents Product Catalogue – The Complete Choice (Issue 5)

Material Safety Data Sheet Pyramid Spherasorb (white to violet) product code 2191001

Material Safety Data Sheet Pyramid Spherasorb (pink to white) product code 2192001

Material Safety Data Sheet Pyramid LoFloSorb product codes 2193001


Fitting the Pyramid™ disposable CO2 absorber