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Universal Insole

  • High impact stabilizer medical grade mollifying  foot insole
  • Applicable for all types of foot pain relief and day long cushioning
  • Prevents developing of sores and hard skin beneath foot during long walks and jogs
  • Durable with non-slip edge grip ideal for reducing tiredness
  • Reduce probability of foot blisters due to increase in blood flow (elastomerism)
  • Hypoallergenic, inert , odourless and organic oil massaging impact reducing frictional impact
  • Conforms to foot shape, extremely thin – doesn’t tighten shoes, sandals and footwear
  • Excellent Shock absorption causes blood flow to increase due to elastomeric impact
  • Do not tear, will not bottom out, and conforms to bonny prominences
  • Ease of use after cleaning with mild shampoo and talcum powder
  • Daily use insole in universal size (with cardboard design block for size optimization)
  • Universal use- (both males & females)- Lifestyle care
  • All types of foot pains
  • Not applicable for body alignment related back pains and diabetics
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